Horse Tipster ...

    Well here it is, the new horse tipster site!  Most of us in the office took a lot of convincing to get this up and running – we are too used to the old school way of doing things but as some of the younger members of the team remarked there are new up and coming pro punters who are after some of the action too…  This isn’t and old boys club this is!

    We had a very profitable one last year so we took the plunge and got ourselves a  lovely new website.

    We have been in the business a long time and and here are a few points to note about us.
    We don’t offer “systems” We have never seen one that works and quite frankly we are not interested!

    We offer proper horse race tips with results, we say it time and time again but these things dont happen every day, proper horse race tips come when they come. When they do come they are the business. We are not into putting on loads of bets everyday, its fun to watch and have a flutter on the side but serious money is made with big bets on the best horse race tips.

    We do have a big network of insiders who pass us knowledge – these are personal contacts which we have built and nurtured over a long period of time.

    We don’t offer premium rate lines - who want to wait 6 minutes listening to rubbish before you get any info!

    The proof is in the pudding – We will give you a winner, pay us for the info then we will give you the next!  Easy as that! 

    Horse tipping made simple.