frequently asked questions

  • I don’t want to get ripped off, how can I be sure that wont happen?
    The risk lies with us…  We will give you a free trial to get you started – we need you more than you need us.  We are banned by the bookies or have limits on our accounts which means we can only put the odd fifty quid on!
    We do however trust you with this information, please don’t just pass it on to mates etc.  This will cause the prices to drift.  Anyone caught doing this would have their membership cancelled.

    If you can provide the tips why don’t you just place nice big bets yourself?
    Ha, if only…  Once upon a time that would be possible but as you will find out when you start placing huge bets and winning the bookies will soon shut down your account.  Bookies like losers that’s how they stay afloat and make massive profits, when you or I come along with £1000 bet that romps home at 6/1 they don’t like it.  It’s the same if you start winning at a casino, you “politely” get asked to leave.  We need our network of punter to place bets for us at  £50.  Everyone goes under the radar and the winning continues.  Bookies notice big payouts, your account gets flagged and you struggle to get a bet on….

    How do I know I will win?
    The truth you don’t… Neither do we!  At the end of the day it is an animal racing and there are so many factors that can affect the animal on the day.  The point is over the course of the year we have way more winners than losers and have had strike rates for some months as high as 70%.  We have great connections in the horse racing world that only get their benefit when the horse wins.  If you are silly enough to believe the scoundrels who plague our business go and get your fingers burnt with their get rich quick schemes!  We are professional gamblers and instead of spending our money on badminton, football or golf we like nothing more than winning at the horses and making money!

    I am new to betting and don’t understand some of the language or how it all works, can I still start making money?
    We are here to help, if you win we win.  We can soon get you up to speed and can help you all the way along the line.  By opening a new account with a bookmakers on our free bets page you can even get started with no investment!!  Give us your email address here and we will send out our free getting started newletter.

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