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  • For light relief in the office we will often go and read other tipsters websites! We love the line - this is a small betting group and there are only a few spaces left.... Yeah right, thats why you are advertising all the time and ive never seen a closed tipster yet! We are pro punters ourselves and bet heavily on our selections, we also give out our information via horse tipster by text and phone as well (we are greedy buggers and like to get the best of both worlds!)
  • Anyway, we do on occasion give out a free bet here and there. Just to prove ourselves. Its something we would rather not do, but in this minefield of crooks, scoundrels and bare face liars I suppose we have to give a little taster!
  • If you want to see what we are on about just complete the form and we will be in touch. (please note, there may not be for anything up to a week. Good info comes when it comes, we dont offer selections everyday - remember, quality not quantity)
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