How do I know I will Win?

  • We are all pro punters ourselves and when we tip something we have loads of our own money on it too. Over the course of the year there is going to be the odd loser, the horse that gets boxed in, the one that trips badly in the stalls etc. etc. Its heart breaking when it happens, but at the end of the day its an animal in a race - unfortunately anything can happen.
  • Saying that though we get top notch info on a regular basis. When we say top notch we really do mean it. We have access to staff at various yards and when the info comes we are on it. We have been gambling for years and we are still in the game, happily making a very tidy living from what we do. Our performance last year was one of the best on record and this year is looking very bright too. Contact us now for some more info if you like just click here and fill out the contact form.
  • Our season runs from April to November.
  • Last years results

33 Selections
25 Winners
75.75% Strike Rate
112 points profit
Average 4.48/1 Profit S.P.

Even if you play for fun @ £50 per point thats £5600.