New to horse racing?

    If you are new to horse racing/betting and you want to learn more we can help. It can be a bit daunting looking in the back of the paper or thumbing your way through the racing post trying to make sense of all the numbers/ratings/handicaps etc. We were all there once!

  • To be honest you dont actually need to know much about the ins and out of racing to win! We have spoken to punters before that have never been to a day at the races!
  • If you want to learn more start by reading through our glossary which explains the terminology used in horse racing. We will be putting up a "newbies guide to horse racing" very soon and this will be available to download.
  • If you want to get straight on the action, know how a Betfair account works or are comfortable going into the bookies and placing a bet then contact us here and we will show you the right direction.
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